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Creative Toddler Easter Basket Ideas


Dear Dutch,

Happy Easter! We have been wearing bunny ears, practicing egg hunting and eating chocolate all week. Today, you opened your Easter Basket and it was so much fun!

Your favorite by far were the toy cars and monster truck, even I expected that. You loved the challenge of having to open the  egg to retrieve your prize. It was hard for you to decide which one to play with first! You also liked your rubber bath toys and squealed “Whale!” and “Turtle!” when you saw them. I anticipate lots of fun, interactive play in the bath tub with our new friends. And your third favorite was of course, the chocolate. After you ate dinner this evening I gave you a choice of a chocolate carrot, bunny or egg and you chose the chocolate egg. “Nom Nom!” I’m looking forward to playing with glow sticks, reading your new books on manners and playing with your stickers on our sticker and stamp board.

Watching you open your Easter Basket today filled my heart with joy. Thank you for making this Easter season so much fun!

With So Much Love,

Mommy ❤️

I had two thoughts in mind as I was shopping for items to include in my son’s Easter basket: less sugar, more play. In our family, we follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to sugar. 80% of the time we are sugar free, 20% of the time we indulge. So Dutch’s basket includes 80% interactive activities that we can create memories from and 20% sweets that will not be given to him all at once. I plan to set them aside and give them to him for rewards or special treats.

Dutch’s Easter Basket:

  1. Set of 4 Books on Manners including Please & Thank You, I’m Sorry, Let’s Share and Excuse Me, published by Parragon. I purchased these on Groupon for only $10 and I loved them so much I bought a few extra sets for gifts. Each book also includes a page of reward stickers. ($10)
  2. Blue Stretchy Bunny from Target. ($1)
  3. Set of 4 Felt Eggs from Target stuffed with chocolate carrots from the Dollar Store. ($1) We plan to play with these eggs on our felt lap board. For information on how to make your own read DIY Felt Lap Board.
  4. Chick sippy cup from Target stuffed with Easter candy from the Dollar Store. ($1)
  5. 3 toy cars from the movie “Cars” stuffed in see through chick eggs, all from the Dollar Store. ($3)
  6. Easter themed sticker sheet from Target. ($1) We plan to use these on our Sticker and Stamp Board. For more information on creating your own board read Toddler Crafts: Sticker & Stamp Board.
  7. Cheddar Bunnies from Target. ($2)
  8. Glow Sticks from Target but I’ve also seen them at the Dollar Store. If you haven’t tried glow sticks with your toddler yet, you need to. Check back with us for an upcoming post on this. ($1)
  9. A monster truck from Target. ($3)
  10. Set of rubber bath toys from Target. ($8) We love bath time! Check out this recent post, 5 Creative Bath Time Ideas For Kids.

Since the basket was recycled, the grand total for this basket came out to $31.

You’ll notice that I didn’t include the box of Reese’s Eggs in the list above although you’ll see it in the pictures below. When I purchased them I expected them to be soft shelled like peanut butter cups. Upon opening them I noticed the eggs are hard coated and certainly not safe for toddlers without strict supervision. For sweet treats, we stick with soft milk chocolate.


I hope that one or more of these ideas might make your Easter a little sweeter. And I’d love to hear your creative ideas! What does your toddlers Easter Basket include?

Creatively Yours,

Lindsay ❤️

Mom & Dutch

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