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Outdoor Play: A Flower Walk


Dear Dutch,


Spring has sprung! Fields of green layer the hillsides, highlighted with bright blooms. In between rain storms, the sun peeks through the clouds to warm our cheeks. The air smells fresh and fills us with energy. How can you not love Spring? We took a family walk a few days ago, hunting for this season’s presents, flowers. As we explored the community, through the lens of my camera I captured fresh blooms, vibrant colors and precious moments.


We found a white rose, a bush full of purple blooms and rows of fox tails on our way. We stopped and marveled at each while Daddy listed off interesting facts about each one. We ended up at the park, like always. You enjoyed racing your cars all over the sidewalks and curbs. Chasing birds is a favorite pastime of yours, you still don’t understand why they won’t sit still. And before we headed on our way, you played in the sand while Daddy swung peacefully, back and forth on the swings.


Heading home, we walked through a residential community where we found an abundance of pink and white blooms and an interesting tree. We captured white blooms hanging from the trees above as we walked the sidewalks of our community. And last, we spot a beautiful daisy, your favorite!


I am reminded of a famous saying, “If best friends were flowers, I’d pick you!” 🌻

With So Much Love,

Mommy ❤️



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Outdoor Play: A Flower Walk

We didn’t have to walk far to spot our first treasure, this beautiful bush with purple blooms sat right in front of our community. Notice the depth of each individual flower between a buffer of leaves. It’s almost as if each one is reaching out at the camera.


Purple Blooms

Our community is filled with rose bushes. We passed several before I saw this beautiful, white bloom. Just before I captured this shot, an ant crawled behind a petal, seeking shade. If only I could describe it’s sweet smell, an aroma you can sense from many feet away.

White Rose

We live on a golf course, with man made ponds that attract ducks and geese. Fox tails line the walking paths, swaying in the gentle breeze. This might be my favorite shot of the day. I love its perspective of the mountains in the distance.


Fox Tails

This beauty was taken on our way home, unexpectedly. We discovered a walkway in a residential community that was filled to the brim with these gorgeous pink and white blooms.


Pink & White Blooms

In that same walkway I spot a unique tree, with leaves blooming from its trunk. The color, somewhere between yellow and green, was vibrant enough to catch my eye. I had to stop, touch its waxy texture and snap a shot before we moved on.


Unique Tree

These perfect white blooms hung from the trees that line our sidewalks. I stopped and marveled at them for some time. It’s black tips reach out towards the sun, almost like little fingers.


White Blooms Hanging From Tree

And lastly, only Spring can bring so much beauty to the average field Daisy. Just look at this yellow bloom, basking in the sun. Shortly after, a bee landed in its center allowing me a glimpse into nature’s process.



I’d love to hear about your Spring experiences! What does this season bring to you and your family?

Creatively Yours,

Lindsay ❤️

Mom & Dutch

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Play: A Flower Walk

  1. What a beautiful post! How thoughtful to give our Dutch a love and respect for nature’s beauty at such a young age. I loved seeing the gorgeous photos.

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