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Recovery Smoothie For Toddler & Mom

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At one point or another, every parent experiences it… You’re woken up at 2am to a crying, snotty nosed, feverish toddler. And if you can rule out teething, you can conclude that they’ve come down with a bug. And so it was with our little Dutch this morning. My husband and I sprung into action like superhuman caretakers, taking every necessary step to provide him comfort and relief. Somehow we survived the night. This morning, feeling more than a little sleep deprived, I knew Dutch and I both needed a boost for breakfast. I’ve been preparing breakfast smoothies for most of my adult life. Over the years I have incorporated ingredients  into my recipe that are packed full of nutrition. Not only is it hydrating and anti aging, the health benefits of this recipe also include  immune and digestive support, hormone regulation, fat loss, and disease prevention.

Recovery Smoothie for Toddler & Mom

(3 servings)


1 C Coconut Water. Coconut water is the newest health craze. Being low in calories and packed full of potassium and electrolytes, it is super hydrating and a better option than sports drinks.
1/2 C Greek Yogurt. With about 15g per serving, Greek Yogurt is packed full of protein. Make sure to buy a brand with live cultures. Probiotics help regulate digestion and aid in immune support.
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil. This superfood has many health benefits including fat loss, regulating hormones and even boosting your brain function.
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter. Not only does it keep you full, its packed full of nutrition.
apples and pb
“A serving of peanut butter has 3 mg of the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, 49 mg of bone-building magnesium, 208 mg of muscle-friendly potassium, and 0.17 mg of immunity-boosting vitamin B6.” (Source: The Benefits of Peanut Butter)
 1 Banana. High in potassium, it’s a healthy snack before a strenuous workout, sustaining your blood sugar and preventing muscle cramps. And did you know that bananas help digestion and overcoming depression? (Source: 25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas)
 1 Avocado. High in good fats, this super food is filling and anti inflammatory. It’s a great preventative food, protecting from various cancers, stroke and weight gain. (Source: 15 Health Benefits of Avocados)
1 c Frozen Berries. High in Vitamin C and antioxidants, its great for immune support and anti aging.

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Just freeze this smoothie in an ice cube or popsicle tray for a cold, healthy, sweet treat!


I’d love to hear your ideas, what creative remedies do you prepare for your sick toddler?

Creatively Yours,

Lindsay ❤



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