Best Ever Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers


I’m passing this recipe along from my husband (Wes) because well, it’s delicious! These burgers… let me tell you! Each patty has the sweetness of BBQ sauce paired with a savory blue cheese center, then topped with sauteed onion. Layer that in between a soft, garlic toasted potato bun and, “WHAMMO! Get ready because your tongue will want to beat your brains out!”  That was an actual quote from Wes. 😂 I gotta agree, this recipe is packed full of flavor to say the least. And easy enough for even the novice cook. A favorite recipe of ours for casual entertaining, my friend Marion described them earlier like so:

“Dude. Those. Burgers.”


Wes’ Stuffed Blue Cheese Burgers

(Makes 4 Steakhouse Style Burgers)


2 Lbs Ground Beef

1/4 C BBQ Sauce (We like KC Masterpiece or Jack Daniels)

2 C Blue Cheese Crumbles

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Medium Onion, Sliced

4 Hamburger Buns (We like Potato Buns)

2 Tbsp Butter

Pinch of Parsley Flakes





In a medium bowl add ground beef, BBQ sauce and a dash of salt and pepper. Mix with hands until combined. Split the beef mixture into 4 portions of equal size. I use a burger press to make my patties, but its easy enough to do without. Take 1 portion of the beef mixture and make into 2 meat balls of equal size. Flatten one to create a bottom piece. Place 1/4 C Blue Cheese Crumbles in the center leaving room around the edge of the patty. Take the other meatball, flatten it to make the top patty and place it over the cheese. Seal around the edge of the patty to prevent the cheese from leaking while cooking. Cook on a skillet or grill on medium/high heat until cooked to your liking.

While the burgers are cooking, prepare the onions and buns. Over medium heat add olive oil to a saute pan. Cook onions until soft and golden brown. Season with salt and pepper to taste. For the buns, melt butter in saute pan. Once melted, coat the pan. Sprinkle garlic and parsley evenly on top. Place each halve down in the butter mixture. Cook on medium high heat until golden brown.

Build each burger adding onions and about 1 Tsp BBQ sauce on top of each patty.


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Did you enjoy this recipe? Please share with me your favorite stuffed burger variations in the comments below!

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