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10 Ways To Preserve Childhood Memories

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Dear Dutch,

The most common advice I received before you were born was, “Cherish every moment… They grow up so quickly.” In fact, it’s remained the most common advice even after your birth. I didn’t fully understand this concept until recently. Somehow over the last few months you have developed into a little person with interests, opinions and preferences. Yes, long gone are the days with my tiny, immobile infant. Nowadays, at 21 months, it’s full speed ahead. All day, everyday! 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 Yes it’s true, My Baby’s Growing Up!


5 of Your Favorite Activities Include:

  1. Playing Outside “Ow Syyde!” ☀️
  2. Swimming “Spashing In Tha Wa-ter!” 
  3. Racing Cars “Where’s Tha Wace Car?” 
  4. Playing With Whales & Sharks “Oh No! The Great Whiii Shark!” 🐳
  5. Nursing “Ninny!”


5 of Your Favorite Foods Include:

  1. Ninny (Always Your First Choice)
  2. Pizza “Pisssa!” 🍕
  3. Strawberries “Stawbewwy!”
  4. Guacamole “Cado!”
  5. Ice Cream “Ice Keem!” 🍦

When something tastes delicious, your response is “Nom Nom!” Or “MMMMMM!


10 of Your Recent Milestones Include:

  1. Speaking In Sentences ✔️
  2. Asking Questions “WHY?” ✔️
  3. A Vocabulary of Approximately 100 Words ✔️
  4. Counting to 15 ✔️
  5. Temper Tantrums ✔️
  6. Throwing & Kicking Balls ✔️
  7. Following Basic (2 Step) Instructions ✔️
  8. Turning Pages in Books ✔️
  9. Climbing Up and Down Stairs By Yourself ✔️
  10. Singing ✔️


5 Words That Describe You:

  1. Active
  2. Loving 💕
  3. Funny 😂
  4. Strong Willed
  5. Smart


I couldn’t be more proud of you. No matter how challenging parenthood can be, it never outweighs the joy you bring to our life. I’m thankful everyday for a happy, healthy, growing boy!

With So Much Love,

Mommy ❤️

10 Ways To Preserve Childhood Memories

I’ve come to realize that we can’t rely on our memory for much. That’s why I’m inclined to document everything. Well maybe not everything, but definitely the important stuff. If you’re as nostalgic as me, you might be looking for ways to preserve precious memories. Here are 10 ideas that work for us:

  1. Scrapbooking – There’s the old fashioned way with an album and photo prints, or you can use a company like Shutterfly to design a book online and have it printed and mailed to you.
  2. Theres An App For That – There’s an app for just about everything these days, including documenting milestones. Check out Baby Pics, they’ve got some cute artwork and text for overlaying photos. And this Baby Journal is great! You can create documents, add pictures and share them with family. For the featured photo at the top of this post I used Smilebox.
  3. Hold On To Memorabilia & Artwork – My Mom saved a few of my newborn clothes and childhood artwork. While I was pregnant with Dutch she brought out the storage boxes and we took a trip down memory lane. I was so grateful she held onto those items and it set a great example for me as I entered Motherhood.
  4. Start A Blog – I started Letters To Dutch for two reasons. First, to build a cherished memory book for Dutch and I. And second, to share our creative experience with the world, hoping to make a difference along the way. You can even create a private blog and choose who you wish to share posts with.
  5. Create An Email – I created an email address for Dutch a few months ago. Every so often I send him an email with a heartfelt message and some pictures. When he’s old enough I’ll give him access to the account so he can read through all the wonderful memories we’ve shared.
  6. Photoshare – Our family uses Flikr for sharing photos and videos. You can upload them straight from your phone, create a private group and share with each other. It’s also a great way to back up your media.
  7. Create a Time Capsule – This is something I’m working on now. I’m compiling photos, letters, memorabilia and some historical items to place in a time capsule. We’ll give it to Dutch when he turns 21 so he can see just what life was like when he was 2. Check out this article for some ideas on what to include, Ideas For Homemade Time Capsules.
  8. Pass On Stories – Another reason I love this blog is that it’s encouraged me to document our family history. In fact, of all the posts I’ve published, A Heroic War Story: Remembering Grandpa Bill and Our Fertility Journey & Birth Story have received the most views by more than double. It goes to show how powerful an experience becomes once its documented.
  9. Create A Family Cookbook – Our family spends a lot of time around the kitchen table and as a result, some of the best memories are made during mealtime. I have a simple, 3 ring binder that contains all our favorite recipes. It’s something that I hope will be passed down for generations to come.
  10. Create A Social Media Account – If you’ve stepped on the social media bandwagon, consider starting a social media account in your child’s name. You control  the privacy options and who you allow to follow the account. It’s a virtual way to document memories.


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“Cherish every moment… They grow up so quickly!”

I’d love to hear from you! Please share with me the ways you preserve family memories in the comments below.

Creatively Yours,

Lindsay ❤️

Mom & Dutch

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Preserve Childhood Memories

  1. Love this. Funny I just got off phone with Mom. We were talking about stories growing up. But many forgotten, mixed into other accounts leading to confusion about details. These issues not a factor with Dutch, you all. Also my “hoarding” has become a blessing now finding tons of “little” items that are now treasures. Been boxing up things over a year now to hand down now to young Family now, rather than will. Shhh, it’s a secret. Lol. The marriage relationship is so key too. Could write book on that. We weathered so much cause we, from beginning, held a rule to work out whatever by midnight, no holding on. AND we did it over 30 years!! HUGE!! Keep creating. Love YouZ.

    1. That is so awesome Bruce! Great advice! “Work out whatever by midnight” I’m writing that one down! And as much as people harp on our digital society, there are some benefits, such as this blog doubling as a memory book for Dutch! 😊

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