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DIY Race Track & Parking Garage

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If your toddler is anything like mine, everything is about cars! I’ve had the idea to create a homemade race track for a few months and finally stumbled upon a great tutorial, which I’ve adapted into a DIY Race Track & Parking Garage. This simple activity has kept Dutch occupied for hours. And storing the tracks in a small toolbox makes them portable, turning them into the perfect Busy Bag!



All of the following items can be purchased at your local hardware store (except the beer box).

  1. 2 Ribbed Rubber Floor Mats
  2. Utility Shears
  3. White Acrylic Pain
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Tool Box
  6. Beer Box (Bulk Size, 24 Pack)


Measure the inside of your toolbox. You’ll want to know the length and width so your tracks can fit inside. The inside of our box measured 10 inches in length and 3 inches in depth, so I cut our tracks to measure 9 inches in length and 2 inches in width.


Cut your rug into strips based on your measurements. A ribbed rug will help guide you along a straight line. Don’t forget to cut at least 8 rounded corner pieces for turns.

Paint white lines along the tracks. Dutch even helped with this part. 🎨

Empty your beer box and turn it on it’s side to create a parking garage.

“Ready, Set… GO!” 🚙 -Dutch

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This project was adapted from Adventures Of Adam’s DIY Car Track Busy Bag.


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