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On Breastfeeding, Weaning, and Moving On


I feel so fortunate to have breastfed Dutch for 21 months. Looking back at our journey, I wonder how we ever made it that long. Let me tell you, it was hard work… but Dutch and I built a bond during that time that is simply indescribable. It’s been well over a month since we weaned and each day gets a little easier, but I still miss it. Will that ever go away?

I chose to submit Our 21 Month Breastfeeding Journey to the Youshare Project, in hopes that our story might contribute to meaningful dialogue among nursing Mothers. I’m so thankful they chose to feature it. I pray it will shed some light on what life as a breastfeeding Mom is all about (all the way through the toddler years), and just maybe it will inspire someone along the way.

Our 21 Month Breastfeeding Journey


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Youshare has been built around one fundamental principle… that our personal stories shape us. Their vision is “to create a more conscious and thoughtful global society-by publishing personal stories from people around the world.” So far they’ve shared over 300 personal stories, spanning 42 countries and territories, from 7 continents! (About)

It’s founders, Nick & Ashlee Blewett, are a husband and wife team. They have created a “safe space” to share the experiences that have shaped our lives. And by sharing, they’ve created “meaningful dialogue” in the community. I am proud to become a Youshare author for the first time second time third time, contributing to the dialogues of Infertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Breastfeeding and Motherhood!

Please head on over to their page now to learn more about the Project and to view my article, Our 21 Month Breastfeeding Journey.

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Lindsay ❤️

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3 thoughts on “On Breastfeeding, Weaning, and Moving On

  1. When did u start with small tastes of solid foods? I’ve been recommended to start when she is 4 months old which is next weekend and I’m starting to get some sort of anxiety… It’s strange because I never thought I would feel that way! I know starting with tastes doesn’t mean we are done with breastfeeding, but it’s a step closer to growing up!

    1. Hey Mama! Great question! We started at 5 months with sweet potato, then waited at least 3 days in between introducing new foods to make sure there were no allergies. If your babygirl is anything like mine, she won’t give up the breast easy. Dutch didn’t really take to solids until he was 1. Food was really just fun, sensory play until then. As we introduced new puréed foods I gave him the real fruit/veggie to hold and nibble on too. For example if I gave him puréed zucchini I would set a whole zucchini on his high chair and let him touch, hold, lick etc. for sensory development. Good luck! Feel free to pop back in if you have more questions 😊

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