The Importance of Creativity

We bloggers are a creative bunch. Whether we are writing, cooking, crafting, making art, dancing, photographing, or anything of the like… we are creating. I stumbled upon a few quotes on creativity the other day and had to share them with you. They really struck a chord with me because it wasn’t until I embraced my creativity that I started this blog.

“There’s no such thing as creative and non-creative people. There are only people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity doesn’t just disappear. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.”

– Brene Brown

“If we want to make meaning we need to make art. Cook, write, draw, doodle, paint, scrapbook, take pictures, collage, knit, rebuild an engine, sculpt, dance, decorate, act, sing – it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re creating, we’re cultivating meaning.”

– Brene Brown

“The only unique contribution that we will make in this world will be born of our creativity.”

– Brene Brown

So what’s your unique contribution? Mine is cooking, crafting, writing, decorating, and photographing to name a few. Creating makes me feel alive and passionate. What does it make you feel? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Creatively Yours,

Lindsay ❤

P.s. If you’re curious, these quotes are from the book “The Gift of Imperfections” by Brene Brown.

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Creativity

  1. I never thought of myself as creative until I couldn’t work anymore and needed a hobby. I ended up learning how to crochet from YouTube! Being a guy I felt a little awkward doing a craft that leaned more toward woman. I found out a lot of guys Knit and crochet today! I really enjoy it! I can sit for hours working on a project or creating a pattern. Being creative does make you feel alive!

    1. Bravo for following your dreams! It’s sometimes hard putting ourselves out there and sharing our creations with the world. But that expression is exactly what makes us feel alive! And as far as knit and crochet, I share the same passion. To me it’s so therapeutic, the repetitive motions and counting. It’s a great hobby and creative endeavor. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story!

  2. I really need to learn how too crochet! I have just been too lazy.
    These gems strike some chord too, in fact I didn’t believe or accept that writing is creative. Until I started my blog more aspect of my creative side begins to show in poems and. Fictional writing.
    Just as one of the quote above says, the more you use and engage a glimpse of your creative, the more it expands and grow

    1. Hey D’Dream, crochet is a great craft and easy to pick up. I learned from books and YouTube clips. I feel that writing of any kind, including poetry and fictional writing, is SO creative! The ability to take an idea from your mind and put it to words is an exceptional talent. Blogging fosters that creativity. I agree about our capacity for creativity expanding as we use it. It’s kind of like an addiction, wouldn’t you agree? As we feel the thrill of creative expression, we crave it more and more. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this topic.

    1. Hey Kewrites! I absolutely love that you included encouragement as part of your creative process. It takes a special person to find enough compassion within to EPR (encourage, praise, and recognize) others. It is absolutely a creative skill. Keep creating my friend!

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