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Perfect Oven Baked S’mores 

These s’mores were perfect indeed… because they were baked with love by an imperfect Mom.

Enjoy this recipe post, all about our s’mores experience earlier in the season.

Lindsay ❤

Letters To Dutch


Thank you Summer for the sweet, gooey goodness of s’mores. I mean, it might be the single tastiest ingredient combination of all time. There’s that marshmallow, warmed and roasted until golden brown… sitting right underneath a layer of shiny, rich chocolate. Smash all that in between a crunchy, honey graham cracker and you’ve got yourself a classic Summer time treat.

Giving Dutch his first s’mores experience this Summer was of the utmost importance. It’s a Summer tradition that I imagine he will grow up with and have fond memories of. Just yesterday we crossed this item off our Summer Bucket List by baking “perfect” s’mores in our kitchen oven. It took a couple of tries, but eventually I found the winning combination and I plan to share it with you today… along with what a recovering perfectionist (me) learned from the experience.

Early in the day we took a special trip to…

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Oven Baked S’mores 

  1. I AGREE! S’mores are, hands down, the single best ingredient combo EVER! My cousins and I have a summer vacation tradition of making s’mores every night. When my family and I were on vacation this year, though, we didn’t have a fire pit so we microwaved the s’more—which I DO NOT recommend 😀

    1. Hey Leen! Food traditions are so awesome and especially s’mores in the Summer. And I bet your microwave s’mores will make for a good story for many Summers to come, haha! 😊😂 thanks for stopping by and for sharing.

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