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In Honor Of Memorial Day

I've been thinking a lot about my Grandpa Bill the last few days as Memorial Day has approached. Not only is he my hero, but he's a war hero. It's been a little over one year since he passed. A few months ago, on the one year anniversary of his passing, I wrote a true… Continue reading In Honor Of Memorial Day

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10 Ways To Preserve Childhood Memories

Dear Dutch, The most common advice I received before you were born was, "Cherish every moment... They grow up so quickly." In fact, it's remained the most common advice even after your birth. I didn't fully understand this concept until recently. Somehow over the last few months you have developed into a little person with interests, opinions… Continue reading 10 Ways To Preserve Childhood Memories

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Our Fertility Journey & Birth Story

This story is personal. One that has taken me a great deal of time to build up the courage to share publicly. It's a true story. A journey filled with struggle, pain and ultimately triumph. It's the story of my son's conception and birth. After almost 2 years I am putting pen to paper to… Continue reading Our Fertility Journey & Birth Story