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DIY Race Track & Parking Garage

If your toddler is anything like mine, everything is about cars! I've had the idea to create a homemade race track for a few months and finally stumbled upon a great tutorial, which I've adapted into a DIY Race Track & Parking Garage. This simple activity has kept Dutch occupied for hours. And storing the… Continue reading DIY Race Track & Parking Garage

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14 Creative Indoor Activities For Kids

Dutch and I have spent the last week fighting a cold. 😷 As a result we've spent a lot of time indoors, resting and recovering. But who says playing indoors can't be fun? It's required some research and creativity on my end, but I've come up with 14 awesome activities that Dutch and I can… Continue reading 14 Creative Indoor Activities For Kids

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Toddler Crafts: Sticker & Stamp Board

Dear Dutch, You recently discovered stickers and there's no turning back. We started a sticker and stamp board as an ongoing project. I thought it might be a great way for you to get creative and see your work progress. The board is just about your height and keeps you at eye level while you… Continue reading Toddler Crafts: Sticker & Stamp Board