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Baby Girl Floral Headbands, Size 12-18 Months

Is there anything cuter than a sweet baby girl sporting a beautiful floral headband? Being the Mom of a thirteen month old little girl, I'd say not. When my daughter Daley turned one last month, my Mom and I threw together a smash cake photoshoot. She handcrafted every prop of that shoot, from the cake… Continue reading Baby Girl Floral Headbands, Size 12-18 Months

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Baby/Toddler Girl Friendly Ghost Shirt

This adorable friendly ghost shirt is perfect for your baby/toddler girl this Halloween. It features a cute friendly ghost in black, with curly eyelashes and an orange bow. Created by my super talented Mother, we are offering this shirt made to order in our Etsy shop. We have a variety of sizes from Newborn to 5t,… Continue reading Baby/Toddler Girl Friendly Ghost Shirt

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25 Creative Date Ideas For Parents

One of the best things any of us can do for our children is to provide them with a strong marital model. Children need to know that their parents love not only them, but each other. The child’s sense of security grows as he/she sees parents loving each other. To put your marriage on hold for 18 or more years while you raise the children is not only detrimental to the marriage, it’s devastating to the children. We must learn to “childproof” our marriages during those parenting years, or we’ll soon learn that the marriage withers and dies. (

Letters To Dutch

What does it take to maintain a healthy marriage after baby? Hard work and creativity. At least that’s how Wes and I have managed to survive the last few years. I use the word “survive” because at certain points that’s exactly what it’s been, SURVIVAL. There have been times since Dutch was born that all we could think about was eating a hot meal or catching some extra ZZZ’s.

But there are many creative ways that you can make time for your marriage. Wes and I have put together a list of 25 Creative Date Ideas for Parents. We broke them down into 3 categories: Dates For Compressing Time Frames, Mini Date Ideas and Ideas for Longer Dates. All of the ideas that follow are ones that we use often. Our marriage is by no means perfect, but with simple ideas like these we are able to stay connected despite…

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