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Easter Themed Toddler Breakfast

It’s Easter Time! We’ve been hunting eggs, eating chicks and hopping around in bunny ears all weeklong. 🐰 This morning I felt creatively inspired to prepare a cute Easter Themed Breakfast for Dutch. In about 15 minutes I whipped up a plate of 2 fried “eggs” (with ketchup to dip), 2 cheese “chicks”, 2 “bunny” toasts… Continue reading Easter Themed Toddler Breakfast

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Mini Egg Casseroles

These Mini Egg Casseroles are a lifesaver for your morning routine! Just prepare them ahead, freeze, and simply reheat for a quick, healthy breakfast (or snack). Your kids will love them as much as you do, and they couldn't be easier to prepare by layering a few basic ingredients, then baking in the oven. You… Continue reading Mini Egg Casseroles

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Egg Onion Ring Breakfast Sandwich

Cooking an egg in an onion ring... Brilliant! This Egg Onion Ring Sandwich recipe is so simple and so yummy. It makes the perfect breakfast sandwich, or in our family's case, an anytime sandwich. I have to give my husband Wes, full credit for this creation. He really knows his way around the kitchen, aren't I… Continue reading Egg Onion Ring Breakfast Sandwich