The Importance of Creativity

We bloggers are a creative bunch. Whether we are writing, cooking, crafting, making art, dancing, photographing, or anything of the like... we are creating. I stumbled upon a few quotes on creativity the other day and had to share them with you. They really struck a chord with me because it wasn't until I embraced… Continue reading The Importance of Creativity

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7 Tips to Stay Creative & Productive

When I started this blog almost four months ago I had no idea how it would work itself into my schedule. I already felt like I had a lot on my plate with caring for Dutch and running our household. But it only took publishing a few posts to realize I really enjoyed it. I… Continue reading 7 Tips to Stay Creative & Productive


6 Reasons to Appreciate Your Blog

Let’s face it, we writers are a self-conscious bunch. We all want our work to be noticed and affirmed. But for a moment let us set aside what others might think. Let us reflect on the reasons we began blogging in the first place. Here are 6 Reasons to Appreciate Your Blog. Enjoy!

Letters To Dutch

I launched Letters To Dutch a little less than 4 months ago. For the first week, it was like a drug I couldn’t kick. Blogging was all I could think about. I felt so creatively inspired that it consumed me. Normally I’m a control freak, struggling to let go and ride the wave. Not this time. I let the excitement take hold of me like a bird lifting its wings, soaring above the clouds. Just what is it about this blog that has me so fired up?

hands-typing-2For one, it’s healing. There is something about putting words to paper that heals us. Somehow we gain confidence and a better understanding of ourselves. These last few months have provided me a kind of relief. It’s like I can finally breathe once I’ve published a post. It’s no wonder people have been journaling for centuries! I also love the idea of documenting our human experience. Only the memories…

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