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Practicing Yoga at Home

Who ever said an at home Yoga practice can't be effective or fun? I've been practicing at home since I delivered Dutch almost 2 year ago and am still reaping the physical and emotional benefits... Being a Mom almost guarantees stress and Yoga is my saving grace. I've been working on video editing and I'm happy to share… Continue reading Practicing Yoga at Home

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It’s About the Journey

I'm so proud of my husband Wes, he wins at everything he puts his mind to. Yesterday, he received his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) after training for only 10 months. He's on the 5 year plan to achieve black belt status... at least that's what his Professor (4x BJJ World Champion Fabio Leopoldo)… Continue reading It’s About the Journey

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Mommy Fitness Talk + Quick 15 Minute Workout For Busy Moms

Hey there Mamas! Welcome to week 3 of the 5-Week Mommy Series I'm conducting in May. Feel free to get caught up on weeks one and two, or read on for an inspiring Mommy Fitness Talk plus a BONUS 15 Minute Custom Workout For Busy Moms! In late April, I sat down to brainstorm topics that… Continue reading Mommy Fitness Talk + Quick 15 Minute Workout For Busy Moms