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Spinach & Bacon Hash Brown Quiche

What's for Brunch this Mother's Day?! This Spinach & Bacon Hash Brown Quiche is so irresistibly delicious that it will have your guests returning again and again for more. Seriously, I prepared this less than 24 hours ago for my little family of 3 and it's gone! Even little Dutch gave his stamp of approval, he ate 3… Continue reading Spinach & Bacon Hash Brown Quiche


Strawberry Chocolate Graham Cups

We recently took a family trip to our local farm, where we filled 5 cartons with hand picked strawberries. One of my favorite flavor combinations is strawberries with chocolate, there's nothing quite like it! So I decided to prepare a simple strawberry pie filling, drizzle it with chocolate sauce, sprinkle it with graham cracker crumbs, and… Continue reading Strawberry Chocolate Graham Cups