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8 Protein Packed Foods with Recipes & Nutritional Facts

Dear Dutch, If there's any part of Motherhood that tests my creativity the most, it's meal time! There are babies who will eat anything and everything you put in front of them and then there's you. Karma is really kicking me in the butt with this one. My own Mother tells me countless stories of… Continue reading 8 Protein Packed Foods with Recipes & Nutritional Facts

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Toddler Meals: Easter Themed Breakfast

Dear Dutch, It's Easter Time! We've been hunting eggs, eating chicks and hopping around in bunny ears all weeklong. 🐰 This morning I felt creatively inspired to prepare you a cute Easter Themed Breakfast. In about 15 minutes I whipped up a plate of 2 fried "eggs" (with ketchup to dip), 2 cheese "chicks", 2… Continue reading Toddler Meals: Easter Themed Breakfast

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8 Finger Food & Dip Ideas for Kids

Dear Dutch, We are working hard at teaching you healthy eating habits. Like every normal toddler, you have your preferences. For example, you won't eat meat or veggies (unless I sneak it in), and since we're still nursing you prefer your "ninny" over even the most tempting of treats. For these reasons, Mom has been… Continue reading 8 Finger Food & Dip Ideas for Kids