The Happiness Tag 😀

I've dedicated this beautiful Friday post to Happiness! Because what else do we live for? For me, happiness has been a long term project. For a long time I thought that happiness was something that just happened to you. I almost expected it to come in and sweep me off my feet! It wasn't until… Continue reading The Happiness Tag 😀

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Outdoor Play: A Day At The Farm

Living in the comforts of modern day suburbia, life can become detached from reality. We take our weekly run to the grocery store to purchase much needed essentials... milk, eggs, meat and cheese. We pull them down from refrigerated shelves giving practically no thought to how they got there in the first place. Then, we… Continue reading Outdoor Play: A Day At The Farm

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Outdoor Play: A Family Hike

Our family loves spending time outdoors. And in sunny, Southern California, the weather demands it. Not to mention its Spring, a most beautiful season. We took a family hike yesterday and I'm happy to share our experience. I've also included some ideas on hiking with a toddler: Some Thoughts On Packing, Considering Your Trail and… Continue reading Outdoor Play: A Family Hike