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Practicing Yoga at Home

Who ever said an at home Yoga practice can't be effective or fun? I've been practicing at home since I delivered Dutch almost 2 year ago and am still reaping the physical and emotional benefits... Being a Mom almost guarantees stress and Yoga is my saving grace. I've been working on video editing and I'm happy to share… Continue reading Practicing Yoga at Home


The Happiness Tag 😀

I've dedicated this beautiful Friday post to Happiness! Because what else do we live for? For me, happiness has been a long term project. For a long time I thought that happiness was something that just happened to you. I almost expected it to come in and sweep me off my feet! It wasn't until… Continue reading The Happiness Tag 😀

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PCOS: Natural Ideas For Healing

I've had so many women reach out to me over the last few weeks to thank me for sharing Our Fertility Journey & Birth Story. What a blessing to have a community built around our experience! I would have never imagined just how many women are struggling with issues similar to my own. For the most… Continue reading PCOS: Natural Ideas For Healing